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A small tidbit from. “Magical Misfire”

January 18, 2012

This is just a small portion, it introduces Hannah, who will go on to be the biggest bitch you have ever seen.

“Hello Kayla speaking how

may I assist you?”

“Miss Bradley, my name is

Hannah and I think I have some

information you need to know.

Can we meet and talk over coffee

this afternoon?”

“What does this concern?”

“Kyle Cooper, my husband”


Kayla sat at the small

table in the corner at the

coffee shop down the street from

the office. She glanced around

wondering if this was real. A

tall slender woman dressed in

the nicest dress Kayla had ever

seen walked in, her blond hair

in a tight bun at the base of

her head. She had on about 20

pounds of gold and diamonds

between her ring (On her left

ring finger), necklace, ear

rings and bracelets. She walked

right over and sat down across

from Kayla.

“Miss Bradley, correct?”

Kayla just nodded

“Well I really hate to do

this is such a public forum” She

said and motioned around the

room with her well manicured


“But it seems that you are

sleeping with my husband. And

that I can not allow. I have

been out of town since he joined

your company. I assume you were

mislead in believing he was

single. Unless you knew he was

married and are that type of


Kayla did not know what to

say, she just sat there staring

at the woman across from her,

the woman who said she is the

wife of the man Kayla so

desperately loved.

“Well no matter what, you

must stop seeing him

immediately, I am back from my

business trip and I will be

assuming my position at his

side. I spoke with him yesterday

on the phone and confirmed that

he was all set for the delivery

of our things this afternoon. I

hated dearly that I missed his

birthday, but I have a wonderful

present to give him, one I am

sure he has been getting from

you. But I assure you Miss

Bradley, you have nothing on me.

I am sure you understand. And

for all the trouble I would like

to give you this, it is not

much, but I am sure you will

find it suitable.” She took an

envelope out of her purse and

slid it across the table.

“Oh and I am also sure that

that will cover all of your

expenses while you look for

another job, since I can not

have you working around Kyle any

longer.” She paused and


at Kayla for a moment then

added. “I can not believe he

chose someone like you, I mean

you are so juvenile looking.

Your hair is horrendous and you

look like you put your make up

on in the dark. He rally has

fallen down on the job of

selecting his mistresses, the

others were so much better then

you will ever be.”

With one last look of

contempt at Kayla the woman

stood, straightened her skirt

and walked out.

Kayla opened the envelope,

inside was a check for $100,000

and a letter. It was typed and

it said

“Thanks for the fun, hope

this is enough to cover

everything you need.”

And it was hand signed

“W.K. Cooper III” the check was

also signed by him. Kayla went

numb; she could not believe she

had been so stupid. She was just

a fun fling that he had while

his wife was out of town, and

now she was not only out a

lover, but a job as well.

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