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A small taste of “Scent of Desire” enjoy

January 23, 2012

Please let me know what you think. 😉

He stood looking out the window into the dark,rainy night tapping his long dark fingers on the window pain. He let out a sharp sigh then turned and walked into the middle of the room. He stood there for a few moments before finally taking a seat on the long,black Italian leather sofa, stretching out his long 6 foot 4 inch frame. He picked up the old tattered book sitting on the table in front of him and opened it to the page he had marked and read for a few minuets until the alarm on his wrist watch sounded,time to go to work. He stood and ran his fingers thru his think black hair and gathered his jacket.

Aiden Christianson,agent number one for the most elite demonic private investigation agency in the country. He was a rare demon so this made him very valuable and very much in demand,he was a scent tracker. This meant that he can track people by their scent. So if a client brings in an article of clothing from the person he is hunting he can find them just by following their scent. Each person has a set of unique smells,and their scent changes with their emotional state.

Aiden arrived at the office at 8pm on the dot and was immediately greeted by Lisa,the secretary.

“Hello Mr. Christianson,may I get you anything sir?” She asked

“No I am fine” he said sharply

He really had nothing against Lisa per say,but she always smelled of desperation,she was desperate to land her a demon. They are strong and dangerous and that excited her to no end. Aiden had no interest in having any sort of relationship;he had done that in the past and had decided that women were not a necessity in his life.

As he rounded the corner he smelled fear,he loved the smell of fear, it was the strongest and most raw smell there was. He knew it had to be from the woman waiting in the conference room,most of the people desperate enough to come ask for demonic help were scared and had no one else to turn to.

The lady stood as he entered the room. She was middle aged and stood around 5 feet tall,was slim and very well kept. Her dark hair streaked with grey and pulled into a tight bun at the base of her head.

“Hello Mr. Christianson.” She said with a slight tremble in her voice.

“Aiden,this is Mrs. Hendrix. She is here to seek help in locating her daughter.” Said Janice,Aiden’s assistant as she handed him a thick folder.

Aiden motioned for Mrs. Hendrix to be seated as he sat at the end of the long table. He opened the folder and saw pictures of short,average build young lady. She had the same dark color hair as her mother but without the grey. As he flipped he could smell the sample scent that was placed in the folder,it smelled of vanilla and mint. He placed the folder on the table and looked at the older woman for a few moments.

“So why has your daughter has ran away?”

“She is wanted in the murder of her ex fiancée,but I am sure she did not do it. I desperately want to get her back so we can prove that she is innocent and resume our normal lives. She is all I have since her father passed away two years ago and I am lost with out her. She is a fighter,so she will resist. She is a black belt,do not under estimate her Sir.” Tears started to fill her tired eyes. The scent of fear was quickly replaced with the scent of sadness,it filled the entire room.

“I will do my best Mrs. Hendrix. Please don’t worry,I will have her home in no time” Aiden added a smile to try and lighten the sadness in the older lady.

After the contract was gone over and signed,the older Mrs. Hendrix quickly left the office. Aiden stayed in the conference room to study the file.

Her name was Alden Hendrix; she was 25 years old and had a degree in English. And she smelled wonderful

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