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Guest post… Chris Gray

July 2, 2012

I am opening my blog to guest posts for the next few weeks….the first is from Chris Gray.



Belfast,the city I live in,has been struck down by disaster this week.

Torrential rain fell on Wednesday night,placing difficulty on the inhabitants. We’re no strangers to rain. However this night provided us with problems.

People got wetter. Transport got stucker. Neighbours got nosier.

And I got sleepier.

We’ve experienced such flooding in Belfast before. In 2007 my mother was reduced to tears and running around the house,screaming at the phone. Anyone was welcome in my house that day. Provided they set up barriers and carry up to the sky the order for the weather to behave.

Gardens were thrown into chaos. Old ladies were helpless. Children who didn’t know better got their jeans rolled up and placed on wellington boots.

I was having a nap. The harsh raindrops made its own pattern on the window. The rhythm was too calming to not fall too. There was something Biblical about it. When a storm hit a boat his Disciples were travelling in, Jesus himself was down below having a snooze.

I guess I don’t worry now. Personally I love rain.

On Wednesday night I was in Starbucks in the middle of town before the downpour. My friend,Shona,who I’ve known for eight years,was telling me how her love life was.

Lightening struck the sky.

Shona missed it.

I raised my hand and speckled the air with my own brand of magic.

The thunder made itself heard. Shona was aghast.

“How did you do that?” she asked.

“Total magic,” I said.

And we patiently waited for the sky to clear.

Yet it didn’t. It rained. Then rained some more. Then the former rain joined the latter rain and met up with another rain to fall upon our fair city.

I was wearing a T-shirt,jeans and Converse. None of them have dried yet.

Shona and I have had a history. One of magic and rain,love and hate, youth and learning…and even a villain appeared amongst it. Which is why, with heavy rain being thrown at us,we weren’t too bothered.

Both of us could face element when we were together.

Why am I telling you this? Well this is my first act as a Guest Blogger. My life has been uneventful. All of late I’ve been getting excited about a Marilyn Manson concert in London. Work has demanded most of my time. Tea is now my best friend. And writing, however minimal,is now a treasure for me.

I promise next time I get to write something for you I’ll have a real tale to tell. A dragon discovered in Northern Ireland’s mountain ranges? A late night at the office with the sensual secretary who carries a dark secret? Or the awaiting of the repair man for a boiler? Who knows.

In the meantime I just had to do the norm and talk about the weather.

Am going to spend the rest of my Friday night drinking tea and readying myself for work tomorrow. That’s where the good stories appear. Surely?

Chris Gray

Twitter : @chrisgraydreams

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