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Guest blog with blog partners, the word nerds… Bethany and Stacie!

July 6, 2012

Today for a guest post we have blog partners Bethany and Stacie. They are sharing with us their fictional crushes! You can also check out their blog Here

The Fictional Crushes

Sometimes, real men just don’t cut it.

They don’t call back, don’t bring flowers, don’t say the right thing at the right time.

And sometimes, they just don’t live up to the guys on the page.

The Word Nerds (blog partners Bethany and Stacie) are big readers; we both read more than 85 books a year, devouring series, re-reading our favorites. And along the way, we’ve started nursing some crushes on fictional men. We’ve whittled the list down to our top five — one we’ll fight over, the others we’ll step out of the way for each other.

The Love Triangle 1. Harry Dresden We both want Chicago’s only professional wizard. Tall. Dark. Powerful. Maybe a little chauvinistic. Able to save the world. Multiple times. Harry’s the best fictional guy to have with you in a scrape (ok, except maybe Jack Reacher, but we agree, he’s a little too bad-boy for us…) because when Harry sets out to make something right, nothing will stand in his way. Harry has a little luck with the ladies, but it’s not a given that he’ll

The audiobook versions make him even more loveable, with James Marsters (aka Spike, from Buffy) reading them with all the panache a noir detective wizard needs.

Stacie’s Note: By default, Bethany wins this entry. As a married woman, I would need to file for divorce first (sorry, honey) and she may beat me to the punch before the paperwork goes through.

Bethany’s Picks 1. Bren Cameron A lone human representing all humanity to an alien race. Maybe it’s because he’s so isolated, maybe it’s because I’ve gotten to know him over so long, but Bren is probably my longest-standing fictional crush. I started reading this sci-fi series in high school; Bren, at that time, was a twenty-something. Now, we’re all older, but Bren still holds a special place in my heart, showing us all what it is to be human.

2. The Leandros Brothers Is it cheating to pick a pair of brothers, instead of just one of them? Cal and Niko Leandros are the protagonists of Rob Thurman’s urban fantasy series. Niko is the older, responsible one. Cal, the younger, rash, bad-boy. Niko is fair; Cal is dark. Both can hold their own in a fight, taking down New York’s biggest monsters. But, they cling to the idea of family and sticking up for each other and those they love, no matter what.

Stacie’s Picks 1. Ari from Maria V. Snyder’s Studies Series and Glass Series Ari is a side character, but he seriously stole my heart. I couldn’t figure out why either heroine picked the partner that they did when Ari was an option. Sweet, intelligent, carefree, Ari always has the right advice or solution. And if he doesn’t, well, he has your back.

2. Jamie Fraser Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series is one that has some serious mileage for a reader. Each title tops 500 pages (or more!) and is great for those of us who love time travel. And if you don’t care for time travel or fat books, Jamie Fraser dominates as husband, lover, father, and friend. Everything about the guy makes me wish that it was me, not Claire, that fell through Stonehenge and into the mid-18th century. And if Claire has to be there, well, I’d want to be her friend. Jamie loves her so totally and completely, there’s no hope for me. Good thing it’s fiction.

If you liked this post you should check out their blog

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