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Guest post– Liz Long

July 10, 2012

Hi everyone! Today I’m hosting for Cassidy and I wanted to show off five of my favorite book covers for supernatural books of 2012! Of course, I’m sure I can find so, so many more beautiful covers, but these always catch my eye in the bookstore, so I guess they’re doing the right job! I plan on reading these eventually, if only to find out what the cover represents. So here goes, 5 pretty covers for your eyes! (I’ve also included the links to their Amazon sites in case you want to check them out!)

Until I Die by Amy Plum

I mean, check this thing out. Beautiful, right? The mysterious path she’s walking, the swirls enveloping her…makes me want to pick it up and start reading right then and there. Gorgeous!

Amazon link

Cover link

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Are you kidding me with this? The color demands your attention and I can already see myself being whisked away into whatever world she’s a part of; I love the simplicity of the fiery red hair with the pale dress.

Amazon link

Cover link

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz

The girl floating beside the bridge intrigued me enough, but I like the effects of shattering glass and the swirly font. It’s simple, but still catches my eye.

Amazon link

Cover link

Scorched Skies by Samantha Young

I read all the books of this series out so far a few months ago and really enjoyed the story, but this cover caught my eye first. It was the whole reason I picked up the book and got addicted to the story. I love her mysterious eyes and the smoke surrounding her, since you find out it’s actually quite relevant to the story!

Amazon link
Cover link

Madly by M. Leighton

I’ve read all these books and love the story, but the covers are really what got me hooked (har har, a mermaid fish joke). I just think they’re beautiful and modern, but a completely different look from what a lot of today’s book covers are. Plus, they have a really nice whimsical feel.

Amazon link

Cover link

Thanks so much for hosting me, Cassidy! Hope everyone enjoyed it!!

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