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Guest post– Author/poet Robert Zimmermann

July 12, 2012

Before we get on with this ramble of a guest post,I’d like to thank Cassidy for asking me to take over for a bit. I’d also like to say thank you to those who read this. Let’s just hope it makes sense to you 😉

How to Work With Your Inspiration Where does the inspiration to write come from? Where does the inspiration for something to write come from? At one time in my life I probably could have given a simple,fast answer. Overtime it seems that things have changed. While I can still give a simple answer for the second question,the first one has become more difficult. My poems are often inspired by various things I see in everyday life. I could be watching a bird flying over the valley or see a parent trying to quiet their temperamental child in a store. Images like these might give me an idea for a poem. Ideas have come from EVERYWHERE. There’s almost no shortage of inspiring occurrences in a person’s life. The big issue I seem to have lately is being inspired to finally get the words down on paper. Part of this is being lazy or overwhelmed with other work. But that isn’t the core of the issue. Those are really just excuses for an underlying mindset. I have a few poems “written” in my head at the moment. They will fit perfectly in to the collection I’m doing my best to work on. It’s not that these are finished poems. They are merely fragmented thoughts, lines,words,overall concepts that’ll be changed once they translate to the page. But they are still poems and they need release. Why can’t I find urge to get them out? Before this “new era” in my poetry (the last two years of college to the present) I was able to write a poem or two a day. They weren’t very worthy poems, but they were poems nonetheless. Something changed. I think it simply comes down to the effect it might have on me. For anyone who has read my poems, you might notice how personal they are; how much emotion can be found in them. These are heavily based off of my past and they aren’t pleasant all the time. Once I tapped into the raw emotions and memories that went into this growing collection of poems,it took a lot out of me. I feel that this is part of the issue. When will I hit bottom? What will I find there below the layers that have already been dug up? Is it possible that I’ll like it? I don’t know the answers to these questions. But I know that it’s not easy to get some words out on paper. I’ll get them out someday soon though. I need it and so do my readers. Holding it in is always the worst decision; I’ve learned that over the years. My advice to writers out there is: if you have an idea,do whatever it takes to get it out. Even if it’s not perfect at the time,you’ll have it out in the open where it’s easier to work on. I need to figure out how to practice own advice….but when I do,you’ll all be the first to know. I hope to get new material to my fans soon.

About Me
Robert is a writer. Most of the time his thoughts will grace the pages in the form of poetry,but occasionally some short pieces of fiction will show their faces. His work mainly touches on experiences that shape who he is today and are emotionally engaging but easily accessible to those not familiar with much poetry. When Robert isn’t writing for himself, he’s writing to help others. In his blog,A Life Among The Pages,Robert posts numerous book reviews,interviews,and other book related posts to help out fellow writers in any way he can. How qualified is Robert for all of this? Well,he holds an A.A. in Humanities and a B.A. in Creative Writing. Basically it boils down to him having a lot of downtime living at home. At least he has a cute puppy to keep him company while he’s busily at work writing his first collection of poems.




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  1. Thank you so much for having me today. It was a fun post to write, and really got me thinking….maybe I’ll try and get some writing down now 😉

  2. Lovely post, Rob. It gave me a lot to think about 😀

  3. Reblogged this on A Life Among The Pages and commented:
    I have the pleasure of having been asked to write a guest post for Cassidy Kingston’s blog. I came up with the topic of “How to Work With Your Inspiration” due to my current lack of productive work on my poetry collection. Stop on over to Cassidy’s blog to check out my thoughts 🙂

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