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Guest post– Author Gemini Judson

July 17, 2012


I think I finally understand them. I had to commit the sin writing the same archetype over and over again until I realized, “I’ve met you before, oh hero of my story.”

I tend to write the same kind of guy. Similar enough so that I’d say they are of the same ARCHETYPE.

Here he is: He’s kind. He’s a bit of a fuck up. Tall, slender. Funny. Perhaps aloof.

Hmmm… is that an archetype? I guess I can’t wrap a single word around him. Like the damsel in distress — I write those women a lot. Never write bitches. I don’t like to spend time with bitches in my real life and don’t intend to spend my make-beleive world with them either.

Back to my guys. Let me list them. First their was Conrad Manzey. Tall, virile, not a fuck-up at all. In fact he is capable of just about any feat. He is sensitive and uber-masculine. Blonde, blue-eyed.

Along came Adam Vianetti. Adam is beefy and muscular. Ah-ha! Not slender. He is sensitive and intelligent. This guy has a head for business. Dark hair, dark eyes. So far so good. Two completely different men –archetypes.

Then Kevin Shepherd. My love, my favorite. He was tall, slender, kind, funny, aloof. Curly black hair, brown eyes.

Ah- Steve Rider. My lost soul. He’s just stumbling along without a real life plan. He’s an animal man — manages a team of horses. Strapping and strong from hard work. Brown hair.

Bruce Burns… He’s an older dude. Not a young buck, but in great shape for 40. Tall, slender, muscular. A buisnessman too, but kind of a power freak. Likes to be in control, and he dominates Lori in a wild and erotic way.

Tango Petit. Ex-marine, buff and burly. Dog-lover and of course warm-hearted. He’s a bit bull-headed but eager to do what’s right. He’s actually really a sensitive type and gifted pianist. Go figure.

OK, SO I FEEL BETTER. They are not all alike. I’m getting to know a new man and worried he was a recreation of the others. His name is Gavin Guevara. He’s hot stuff and an artist, fit as a fiddle as he earns a modest living delivering packages on his bike.

Stay tuned for Gavin and Yarrow in Crescendo, Book III in my Heart Beat Collection. The first two of this series will be coming as a 2 in 1 from Torrid Books in October. Thanks for having me as a guest Cassidy!

Gemini Judson


Animals, available from Loose Id

Night Blooming Jasmine, available from Loose Id

Green Grass, available from Torrid Books

Dragonfly Dance, available from Torrid Books

Rhythm of the Rain, available from Torrid Books

Home to Hawk Ridge, available from Torrid Books

Turning Teal, available in ebook and print, from


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