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Guest post– Author Karen Booth

July 18, 2012

In Praise of Geeky Heroes

I have a new book out called Love My Way,featuring a super hunky rock star named Peter. Conventional wisdom says,“he’s the absurdly handsome guitarist in a hugely popular band. He should be a total stud in all respects—a testosterone-fueled slab of man candy.” Yeah,well,I’m not big on conventional wisdom. I like a bit of realism in my fantasy men and that’s why I love to write geeky heroes.

So what makes a geek?He might be bookish and sensitive,which,to the discerning woman,reads as smart and vulnerable. Maybe he loves to unleash corny jokes and can recall the story line of every episode of Star Trek,which only means he’s funny as hell and the perfect Trivial Pursuit partner. Maybe he’s prone to getting tongue-tied when he talks to a woman. It probably means he’s learned to let the rest of him do the talking.

When I wrote Love My Way,I made Peter a late bloomer,a guy who spent his adolescence stuck behind dark-rimmed glasses. He fully expects my heroine,Katie,to cry foul when she first sees him in them,but she couldn’t be any more turned on. When she later finds out that he likes cats and has a major thing for ice cream,she couldn’t be any more smitten. It’s all about the contrasts—the guy with the kick-ass talent and killer looks who isn’t afraid to reveal the quirky traits that are anything but “Alpha Male”. If a woman is smart,she doesn’t want a perfect guy —she wants to be with the guy who’s perfect for her. For my money,the geek wins every time.


Love My Way

After her fiancé penned a “Dear Katie” letter,Kate Stillman vowed she’d never give a man more than one night. Free from emotional entanglements,she’s had some hot one-night stands,her heart has stayed off-limits and her photography career has skyrocketed. It’s the perfect plan until a Miami getaway brings her face-to-face with Peter Barrett.

Hunky rocker Peter has been pursuing Katie from afar ever since she photographed his band. In the flesh,it’s clear it was more than flirtation. Katie gives in to their sizzling chemistry, thinking Peter will appreciate her one-night rule. Instead,he balks and extends an invitation for a second night of pure abandon,an offer too tempting to refuse.

When they part,Katie realizes her rule protected her heart only too well. Time away from Peter leaves her wanting him more. Every steamy late-night phone call makes her wonder if she can love again. But when Peter returns and her trust is tested,Katie must overcome her past to learn that love her way was never the way at all.

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