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Guest post– Author Hennessee Andrews

July 19, 2012

Perfect Ratio Hero

What makes a hero sexy and irresistible?For many it’s the physical qualities. As for me,well,give me personality to go along with a smoking hot body. I’ll explain. I write about cowboys,because they’re attractive to me and many others. If you read my books,you will notice that each hero is very different from the other,yet in many ways the same.


His eyes hint of mischief as well as his smile,not to mention the fact he’s so well built. Yum.

If a man is intelligent,full of wit and charm,with the ability to make me forget the outside world,huh,ding, ding,we have a winner. Outside of the brains and charm,I love men who are confident and a little cocky with a sharp tongue. In saying that,I wouldn’t like a man who is overly confident and comes off like a pompous ass. There is a perfect ratio. Too little and I’m unimpressed. Too much and I’m turned off. So,in essence,I work to develop my heroes with this “perfect ratio”.

For instance,in my book Eight Seconds, my hero J.C. Evans is an overwhelmingly hot bull rider with a body built for sinning. He has eyes that sparkle with the right amount of mischief,a cute crooked grin when he’s up to no good,and a cocky and arrogant personality that normally gets him everything he wants from women. Too bad I yanked the rug out from under him by giving him a challenge. Good times.

In Damon-The Texas Senator’s Sons 1, my hero Damon is also confident, gorgeous,and he even has the ability to pick up on the subtle cues women give off no matter how hard they try to deny their attraction to him. He is resourceful,responsible,and always on high alert when a situation that could harm his father’s political campaign arises. The bus I throw my hottie under lands him in a strip club with a gun at his head. Sigh…

Last,but not least,my favorite and most enjoyable story to write was Drew-The Texas Senator’s Sons 2. Drew got caught up in book one with a stripper he thought he loved. Unknown to him,she was intent on destroying his father’s political career and he was her bait. The event ruined him and he swore off women,preferring to stay on the ranch away from the evil creatures. Of course,a woman takes him for quite a ride,but what I like about Drew is the fact he is any woman’s dream,only with a large chip on his shoulder that needs knocked off. My heroine turns out to be tough enough to handle him.

Drew is gruff,sarcastic,and not at all shy about demanding or taking what he wants sexually,driving my heroine wild. This was my naughtiest book, earning the rating of Sextreme from Siren. Ah,naughty good times.

Even though each of my heroes fit my “perfect ratio” in confidence and arrogance,underneath their façades is men with large hearts and good morals. They are honorable,deep with emotions,and always ready to fight for what is right,or what they want. Mmm, I love the fierce warrior types. Don’t you?

Getting back to the physical traits now, I’m a big fan of nice plump lips,dreamy eyes,thick muscles,and a perfect squeezable ass. Of course,in my erotic romance,my hero must possess extraordinary skills in the bedroom. I’ll say mmm again. I like a man to have an undeniable amount of confidence in bed. And yes,they have to drive my heroines’wild as well as me,or else I will rewrite their hot asses. And yeah, I’m the goddess with the pen to control them.

Overall,as I mentioned,a man has to have a perfect ratio to meet my standards with the ability to turn on readers;but first,they go through my quality control center. LOL. I have joked before that if I read an erotic romance and it doesn’t inspire me to want to Jane-off,I’ll quit reading it. Since I feel this way,I’m sure other readers’are the same. The story and plot are crucial,but underneath this blanket is a love story that readers in this genre crave along with sex that leaves nothing to the imagination and a hero worth dreaming about.

So far my “perfect ratio” seems to work. Women,in general crave a man that is strong and confident with the ability to protect her,but know when they need to step back,because really,we women can take care of ourselves. Sometimes it’s just more fun to allow the man to do so. Don’t you think?



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