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The Doctor Is In—A Halloween Short by Cassidy Kingston

October 22, 2012

  Here is a short halloween story i wrote for you guys! Horror was my first love and is my fav genre still. I hope to one day write more of it, but for now this will have to do since I am not that good at it! Hope you enjoy!                                                

The Doctor Is In

  By: Cassidy Kingston

The three men walked slowly around the old, decrepit building. They had to be as quiet and invisible as possible or they would end up spending the weekend in the CountyJail.

“Come on Adam, stop being such a wuss.”

“I’m not being a wuss John, I’m being realistic. The probability that we’re going to see anything supernatural or paranormal are way less than the probability we’ll be arrested for trespassing.”

“Om my god! Will ya’ll two stop bickering like an old married couple? And Adam, I swear if you use another big word like probability I’m gonna punch you in the nose. We’re here to have fun, so have some fun dammit!” Colton turned back towards the building and shook his head.

In a few more moments the three were inside the first floor of the building, it smelled musty and burnt. A fire had burned portions of the first two floors years ago. They stood for a moment to allow their eye to adjust to the total darkness they had walked into.

“Wow this place stinks”

“Yeah thanks Adam, we woulda never figured that out on our own,” John snapped at him.

“Come on ya’ll let’s look in some rooms. I hear they just up and left everythang behind. So there’s still records and everythang. Hell I’m gonna go to the basement first. See you two wusses later,” Colton told the other two as he headed down the dark, tattered stairs.

The other two just looked at each other and shrugged. Colton always was the loner, the one to go out on his own and come back with trouble.

“So what exactly is the story behind this place?” Adam asked.

“Well it was built in the late 1800’s as an insane asylum, I aint sure when it was closed, but it’s said to be haunted. They say you can feel cold and hot spots and that things touch you and stuff. Apparently they tortured patients here and their souls still roam around looking for someone to pay back.”

“Well I don’t believe in those things so let’s go find Colton and go home. I need a beer and I think there’s a football game on somewhere. I also feel bad about lying to the girls about where we were going.”

“Why don’t we look around up here first? You said yourself there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Adam replied.

“Ok but just for a few minuets, then we get Colton and head home.”

The brothers slowly walked down the long, wide hall. There were papers strewn all over the place. John bent over and picked one up, “it looks like part of a patient file. Says patient exhibits signs of multiple personality disorder. Thinks he is actually a doctor working here. He has even convinced two female patients that they are his nurses. Shock therapy has been prescribed and will take place tonight.

“Well that’s kinda creepy.”

John placed the paper back on the floor and continued walking down the hall. All of the doors were closed. He walked over to one door and slowly turned the doorknob and pulled the door open. Inside the small room was what appeared to once have been an office. There was a large desk in the middle with one ratty chair sitting behind it. The room smelled musty.

“Um Adam, does it seem colder in here to you then out in the hall?”

“Maybe a little, but that’s probable just because the window is broken out,” he said pointing behind the desk to a small glassless window.

“Yeah I guess.”

The two left the office and climbed the stairs to the top floor. This floor had a hall just as long but half as wide as the floor they were just on. After entering a room they discovered it was because the rooms were larger. These rooms were not offices, they were patient rooms. 

The first room they entered had a metallic smell. There were two beds and each had straps on them.

“What do you think they used those straps for John?”

“Well most likely they used them to restrain patients.”

“That had to be awful, being strapped to a bed.”

“Hey, look over at the wall behind that bed. What is that?”

Both of the men slowly walked over to the bed and leaned in to get a better look.

“John, that’s blood! And it appears to be pretty fresh. Look it’s still wet!”

“Yeah, maybe we should get out of here. I’m sure it’s just from a rat or something but there is not telling what diseases they have.”

Adam and John headed down the stairs. The stairs creaked and rumbled under their feet. There was a thick coat of dirt and other debris covering them. They reached the bottom and stopped.

“Colton! Come on man! Let’s get the hell outta here!” John yelled.

Colton didn’t reply. The two men sighed and took the first hesitant step into the basement. John and Adam were twins and they look almost identical except John kept his brown hair cut short and he was a little more muscular than his brother. They had been friends with Colton since they were all five and now at the age of 35 it seemed they were still following him into stupid and dangerous situations.

They slowly walked further into the dark, damp basement. Both of them almost gagging on the strong stench coming from no one particular place, it seemed to radiate from the walls, floor and ceiling. They were just hoping that Colton didn’t pass out again, because at 6’6 and 300 pounds he would be hard as hell to carry up those stairs. He liked to act all big and bad, but when it came down to it he passed out at anything scarier than a mouse.

They saw a door standing slightly ajar on their right with what looked like footprints on the dirty floor leading to it. Quickly they made their way over to it. They both braced them selves as they opened the door, expecting Colton to try and scare them.

There was no Colton and there was no scare, just a room of filing cabinets and a pile of dirty cloths. Adam and John turned and walked back into the hall and made their way a few more feet before they heard a scream. Not just any scream, it was Colton.

“Oh hell, Adam, John get the hell up here and help me.”

The brothers looked at each other then took off up the stairs. Once they reached the top they stopped, listened to see if they could tell where he was. They didn’t hear Colton but they saw a door shut a few feet from where they stood.

Adam slowly walked over to the door and opened it. He stepped in and the door slammed behind him.

“John, open the door man. It’s dark in here. This isn’t funny man.”

“Adam, I didn’t close the door,” John said running over to the closed door. He grabbed the old brass door knob and pulled. It did not budge.

“John there’s something in here with me, I can hear it breathing. Colton is that you…… OH GOD!! LET GO OF ME!!! JOHN HELP!!!”

John was frozen in place. He heard his brother screaming, along with banging, screeching and sounds he could only describe as buzzing. He backed away from the door and ran. He turned right and saw another door half open, he ran into the room and closed the door behind him.

He leaned against the door, weak with fear slowly slid down until he was sitting in the floor. He sat there for what seemed like forever, but when he looked at his watch it had only been three minuets.

He started to stand, then felt a wave of cold almost painfully cold air sweep over him. He jerked the door open and ran out. He saw that the door to the room his brother had gone into was standing wide open. Quickly he ran to it. When he looked in he was stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what was in there.

It was a small room with three hospital beds crammed into it. Two of the beds were covered with blankets and they were moving up and down in a slow methodical rhythm as if something under them was breathing. He walked over to the first bed and gently pulled the cover back. It was Colton.

Colton lay very still, his eyes closed and his mouth taped shut with a small wedge between his front teeth. There were small red marks on his face, head and neck…they looked like burn marks. His arms and legs were strapped to the bed. With a large lump in his throat he turned and pulled the cover back on the second bed, it was Adam. He was in the same condition as Colton.

John quickly started to unfasten the restraints. Adam’s eyes fluttered open, blinking to gain focus.

“John, you’ve to get the hell out of here,” he said in a soft, raspy voice as best he could with the wedge in his mouth. “Don’t argue with me, either…RUN!”

John paused for a moment, then seeing the sheer terror in his brother’s eyes he turned and ran.

He tripped on something in the hall and stumbled a few steps before regaining his balance. He was almost to the door that they had originally come in when he felt the wave of cold air move over him again.

He felt a slight tug on his left arm and looked over to see what it was, when he turned back to look where he was running it was too late, the door had been closed and he ran head first into it.


John awoke slowly, feeling groggy and hurting all over. His mouth felt like he had been chewing on nails. He tried to look around but his head was anchored to whatever he was laying on. He strained to raise his hand and rub his forehead but his hands were also strapped down. Swallowed hard he noticed that the odd feeling in his mouth was caused by the small pieces of something wedged between his teeth. He could not feel it but he knew from seeing his brother and friend that the wedge was taped into place.

He grunted and tried to move any part of him, to free himself. Then the air around him got bitterly cold, and the lights above him flashed on. This confused him, BryantHospital had been closed for many years, and it did not have power.

The light was blinding and he blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the assault on his eyes. When he opened them he saw a figure between him and the light, slowly it came into focus. It was a man who appeared to be around 40 with wild brown hair streaked with grey, and next to him were two heavy set women. They were all dressed in white.

“Well it seems our patient is awake,” the man said in a distinct old southern drawl.

The two women just smiled and nodded.

“Ok nurse, hand me the probes and adjust the settings.”

John started wiggling, trying his best to get free.
“Oh be still will you, this’ll only hurt for a little while. Then you’ll be all better. We take only the best care of our patients here at Bryant.”

“Here Doctor, its ready,” one of the nurses said, handing him two metal probes.

“Oh how I have missed working with patients. There just aren’t enough of them lately, and tonight I get three. Now let’s get started.”

The doctor lifted the two probes and place one on each of John’s temples. John felt a sharp shock, his body convulsed and he heard someone screaming louder than he had ever heard anyone scream. What he did not realize was… it was him screaming.

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  1. That was a great story 🙂 I love stories with endings like that too. I don’t come across those much. Would you happen to have any more horror tales up your sleeve? I’d definitely read some more if you put them out 🙂

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