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Friday contest!!!

October 26, 2012

Ok so I will make this Friday contest VERY easy! All you need to do is tell me who your favorite horror villian is. Or if you prefer horror novels, tell me your favorite one. You can tell me on Facebook, in a comment here or on twitter….

So who is my favorite???

I LOVE Freddy (Robert Englund Freddy…not the crappy remake one)…why? I don’t really know. Maybe because he was the first real scary movie I watched. I have been watching horror movies since I was a kid and I have carried that tradition on with my oldest son.


Now My favorite horror novel is a little harder…

My favorite psychological horror is

This book is scary without actually being scary. It plays on the fears everone has when they are alone somewhere. Did i hear something? Did that bush move? Is that a person or a tree limb? Yeah it is great!!!

My Favorite horror novel… Well this one is a lot harder. Pretty much any novel by Stephen King could go here but I chose…

The movie was great but if you have never read the book… YOU HAVE TO DO IT THIS WEEKEND!! The book is nine million times better!


OK So in order to win like i said, just tell me your favorite horror villian or novel. You can comment here, facebook or twitter. You will win your choice of any of my three published short stories OR if you choose I will use your name in one of my up coming books.

Have fun!!!

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  1. Merica Fowler permalink

    Otis Driftwood (House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects)

  2. Oh, I should have looked at this earlier. It’d be cool to “be in” one of your books 🙂

    Favorite horror villain…does Slenderman from the Marble Hornets series count? (The youtube sensation.) He’s really creepy and the legend behind it helps make it scary as well.

  3. Robert I am sure you would LOVE to be one of my characters! Who ever wins will mot likely end up in one of four I am currently working on. The fourth short story, the 2nd novella in the Mortals for Magic series, the first Demon World novel or my SUPER SECRET NOVEL!!! 🙂

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