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Guest Post–Sherry Fulmer Moorer

November 15, 2012

Today my guest is fellow Whisky Creek Press author, Sherry Fulmer Moorer!


By: Sherri Fulmer Moorer

The end of the year is a mixed bag of emotions. We open it by remembering those who passed with All Saints Day, honor our Veterans mid-month, and then rush into the runaway train of the holidays. Add to that the shortening days, the falling leaves, and the added chill to the earth, and it’s no wonder that people often find themselves melancholy during these days. The world is winding down, but our activity level spikes with families, friends, homes and jobs to attend to. It’s no wonder people’s moods swing during the shortening days of autumn. The earth is going into dormancy, but the world is cranking up for the season of family, celebrations, and fun.  It can be confusing when the body says one thing and the mind says another.

It’s no coincidence that the holiday season is during the shortest days of the year – indeed, we celebrate the season of light during the darkest days to remind us that the darkness is temporary. Light never completely goes away, and the holiday celebrations remind us that the things truly giving us light are always a part of us no matter what time of year it is. We may focus more on family and friends this time of year, but the truth is that they are always a part of us.  

Yes, it can be difficult to stand at the crossroads between dormancy and celebration, but I believe it’s a conflict we shouldn’t try to resolve. In fact, I believe the conflict is good for us. It reminds us that in a world of mixed up messages, it’s up to us to create balance in our lives, and to recognize the things that are always a  light to our heart.

I wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season. May the lights of your blessings fill the darkness of dormancy with joy and peace, this season and always.

Jana Lanning battles the demon of depression –literally! Anywhere But Here is now available through Whiskey Creek Press. Please visit or for more on this book and other titles by Sherri Fulmer Moorer.


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