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December 20, 2012

So another author, Sommer Marsden, posted this challenge:
Here’s what you do. Use the six words below in a story. The story can be as long or as short as you like. From flash fiction to…the great American novel if you’re crazy enough. Post your work on your blog (or somewhere visible online) with a link to this blog. Then come and leave a link to your work in this here comment section below. You have four days!

Words: tinsel, balls, carpet, fuzzy, wind, firetruck

you can get to her blog HERE

So here is my entry it is titles “Flesh on Fire”


Flesh on Fire
By: Cassidy Kingston

He closed the car door and gently pushed her against it. The contrast between the cold car behind her and the hot man in front of her was enough to set a fire deep inside her. He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were soft and tasted slightly of tequila and salt. She didn’t even try to resist. She wanted this…no she needed this. The last time when she almost got caught she had sworn to stop, and she had…for over a year.
His hands worked over her body with a sense of urgency she had not felt in a long time. She knew this was wrong. But at this moment she would have been hard pressed to remember exactly why this was a bad idea.
He drew back from her slightly, the cold wind washed between them. Gently he took her hand and without a word led her up the walkway and into his small apartment. The room was dark and smelled of pine and cinnamon. In the corner was a small Christmas tree covered in tinsel and red and green balls. They passed through two rooms and entered into a small bedroom. They never turned on the lights.
He took her into his arms once more and kissed her. This time his kiss was rough and harsh. His gentle touches became hard and quick. In a few moments he removed her clothing then his. They both stood naked, the only light was the faint moonlight filtering through the dark curtains. He looked even better naked…she didn’t think that was possible!
In a quick movement he scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed. He then settled over her, pressing her into the bed. The weight of his body was a welcomed sensation she had not felt in over a year. His mouth worked a trail from her lips down her neck and stopped at her breasts. He nipped at one hard nipple sending shocks of electricity soaring through her entire body.
She tangled her hands in his hair, pressing him lower. He chuckled, his warm breath spreading out over her abdomen. He grabbed her legs and spread them, opening her completely to him. His tongue played down the soft skin of her inner thigh. He altered between soft kisses and hard bites.
She closed her eyes and took in a sharp breath as he parted her lips with his tongue. He skillfully teased her to the edge then pulled back. Slowly he moved up her body. Soon his mouth took hers.
She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around him. He pulled back and pried her legs apart. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, “I am in charge. Got it?”
His words were firm and demanding. She had never heard had someone be so forceful with her before…she liked it. “Yes. I got it.”
“Yes SIR.”
She bit her lip, “Yes sir.” If he only knew who was really in charger here.
He slammed into her sending shocks of pain and pleasure through her whole body. His rhythm was fast and deep. It was what she needed. She didn’t need to be made love to…she needed to be fucked.
His hands gripped her hips and with a few long, deep thrusts they both climaxed then fell into a sweaty panting heap.
She scooted out of the bed and knelt next to her bag on the floor. When she stood her hand was behind her back. She climbed back into the bed and kneeled over him. His eyes were still full of desire. She leaned down and kissed him, enjoying the bitter taste of tequila and salt one last time. Slowly she pulled her hand from behind her back. In her petite hand was a six inch knife. This time it was her who penetrated him. She watched the desire in his eyes turned to fear and the fear faded into…nothing. A single tear slid down his tanned cheek.
She got out of the bed, wiped off the knife and tossed it into her bag. She quickly dressed and picked up her bag. She paused before she left his bedroom, picking up the tee shirt he had been wearing. She did need her little mementos after all.
As she stood in the middle of his hall a small fuzzy kitten twirled around her feet. She bent and picked it up. She walked to the back door and tossed the kitten into the dark. She opened her bag and pulled out a small silver box. She slid open the box and pulled out a thin piece of wood with a small red tip. After she closed the box she struck the match on the side and a flam sparked to life. She inhaled deeply…she love the smell of a freshly struck match. With a small flick of her wrist she tossed the match into the middle of his living room. The beige carpet sizzled then burst into a puddle of fire.
She walked out the door and went four blocks before she hailed a cab. As she got into the cab a fire truck raced past.
“Where to ma’am?”
“The White House.”
The cabbie turned and looked at the woman, “Oh sorry ma’am. I didn’t recognize you without your security detail.”
“No problem. Sometimes a girls needs to get away…you know?”
“Yes ma’am I guess you do.”

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